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    Pisser on 2000 900 STX

    Should there be any restriction to water flow between the rubber hose connected to the exhaust Pipe and the bypass outlet on the right side of the ski.
    I disconnected the hose at the exhaust pipe nipple and blew through the hose.
    Air moved but not freely. The past owner of the ski operated it in salt water so I am cleaning all the water passages. I have removed the cylinder head, exhaust pipe, expansion chamber and exhaust manifold. Found lots of salt buildup. I am surprised that the engine still ran cool with the amount of salt I removed. Very little water was comming out the pisser. Also I'm going to replace the drive shaft coupling as it has a small leak at one of the bolts, but that is another story for another time.
    Thanks for the help
    P.S. I will NEVER buy another ski that has been anyware close to salt water.

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    I checked further and found that the temperature sensor located between the exhaust pipe nipple and the pisser output which is located on the right side of the ski was clogged with salt which restricted the water flow. I cleaned the salt out of the assembly and this corrected the problem. In answer to my own question, no there should be no restriction to water flow.

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    Thanks for letting us know. I really didn't have an answer for you.

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    your welcome. I have all of the water passages cleaned out now so I should not have a cooling problem although I never did have a cooling problem other than very little water comming out of the pisser. Now I'll work on replacing the driveshaft bearing holder which had a small amount of water comming through one of the lower bolts. I'll finish pulling the engine on monday. I have a few questions on regarding this holder. I think I'll start a new thread on that one after I review past treads on the subject.

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