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    Please help, no power to fuel pump 2005 12f

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot no power to fuel pump? I have spark, I can put 12v directly to pump and it runs. I have checked the one fuse that I know about, the one close to battery compartment and it was good. I have a new battery, I have looked at all of the connectors that I can see. The ski cranks fine but won't start. I have recently replaced Battery, fuel pump, fuel filter, plugs. I don't have voltage to the fuel pump assembly connector.
    Is there a fuel pump relay in the system? I do see what looks like a relay forward of the fuel filter. But I don't have the wiring schematics. So I don't know what it is.
    Also does anyone have access to the wiring schematics for this ski (2005 Kawasaki 12F)
    I maintain the ski well, always use saltaway, always rinse, always shoot wd-40 and use regularly.
    Please help if can...
    Thanks in advance,

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    There's a relay for the fuel pump and the ignition on the same bracket as the ecu. Also, there are distribution connectors along the harness and at least one of them feeds the fuel pump. I got water in one of them and had an intermittent no spark, no fuel condition. Get a manual asap though.

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    Thanks BigL350, I'll look into it. Anyone else?

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