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    Impeller Nose Cone, do they work?

    I want to put on a Solas 15/22R impeller on my 2005 RXP with stage III, will a nose cone work on the impeller & should I use one at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmac View Post
    I want to put on a Solas 15/22R impeller on my 2005 RXP with stage III, will a nose cone work on the impeller & should I use one at all?
    i was informed to just run the stock rubber cone.. protects better and doesnt corrode. 20 hrs on mine and not a prob.

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    I agree. Leave the stocker , they seem to work well with solas..I have tried a few different styles and keep going back to the orig

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    The OEM hold up better and seals fairly well compared to others. I didn't notice any vibration until I changed from the OEM. No matter how tight the Solas cone got, it managed to work its way off. Just better to use the OEM IMO! I think you will be happier with the end result.

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    This is all on preference...Some people say run them while some people so dont...IF you run in salt water i would HIGHLY recommend the nose cone..Use a little blue loctite on the threads when installing it..Now if you ride fresh water the cone isnt as much of a deal..Most will tell you there is no issues doing this while others will tell you it helps keep the driveshaft aligned into the prop splines...I have 2 RXPs that i run in fresh water with NO nose cones and can say i have had no issues on either ski after 3 years of running this way...

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    When I first swaped props I tried the solas cone, it would not hold. Went to no cone on both skis. After Speedfreaks pitched my PX prop I tried their cone. No problems with the Speedfreaks cone. Still runnining no cone on my TX.

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    Installed new Solas 15/22R prop and Solas nose cone. 10 minutes of riding and cone unscrewed. Took it back and the Dealer said they installed it using an "aerospace adheasive". As soon as it warms up we will see!

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    Use red loc tite on the cones and you won't have a problem. I also use a screw driver and hammer to knick the treads in 3 places around the cone to help it hold better.

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    Thanks for the reply....What's the deal with salt water? I only use my ski in the bay & ocean...Please let me know. Thanks

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    same problem with solas cone,kept coming loose,installed a speedfreaks,and it hasn't budged

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