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    new yamaha vx owner, and help with maintenance & spark plugs?

    ok, so i'm a new waverunner owner, and new to doing maintenance or work on engines in general. I've been following the steps in the owners manual to winterize the waverunner, and most of it seems pretty straight forward and easy to do even for a novice. changing the oil wasn't that bad either.
    I feel silly asking this, but i'm just not sure what i am looking at when it comes to the spark plugs. It looks like the manual states that the spark plug wires should just be twisted back and forth to pull off, and no tools should be used, but what I'm looking at looks like there are nuts on each cap? that look like they need to be loosened/removed with wrench. am I totally missing something? probably.
    Thanks for any help anyone can offer, and I apoligize if there is a similar post already,
    I did try searching for something like this with no luck.
    I could add a pic of the engine to the post if anyone would like to see it.

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    The bolts are what hold the ignition coils over the spark plugs. Remove the bolts then lightly twist the ignition coils back and forth while pulling up to pull them off the plugs. You need to disconnect the electrical connector at the top of the coils first. The electrical connector has a simple clip that you push down while pulling off the connector. Be sure there is no dirt or water in the spark plug wells before you remove them (you can use a shop vac with a small tube attached to vac them out). You don't want crap falling into the cylinders. You will need a thin walled spark plug wrench with a rubber plug holder to pull them out.

    When you put the plugs back (or put new ones in) put some anti-seize on the threads, and be sure not to over-torque. The CR9EB plugs are very delicate, and easy to snap off. The correct torque is around 9 ft./lbs or less..........I think Yamaha changed it to 7 ft./lbs, because of how many were being snapped off. You can put some silicone spray lub. on the outside of the ignition coils to make them easier to get out next time. Yamaha recommends Loctite 572 for the ignition coil bolts, but it is hard to find in the states. You can substitute Permatex 592, which can be found in most auto parts stores. Tighten the ignition coil bolts to 5.5 ft/lbs.

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    ^ +1. Also, your ski should have came with a little bag-o-tools and there is a tool designed to remove the spark plug so you do not damage it.

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    Ernest sums it up pretty well. Here is a link to Riverdads tips for the down for the plug change......the VX will be very similar.

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    awesome, thank you so much for taking a moment to explain it.
    Can't wait to try to do it this weekend!

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    anyone have recommendations for a decent(but not too expensive) torque wrench that will be accurate at those low settings? currently i only have a 10-150 foot-pounds wrench.
    The one in that link looks really nice

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    I would just go by your local auto parts store and ask. Most will have something that you can use and they are usually pretty cheap.

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    thanks again everyone, i love the level of detail on this forum, you can tell everyone takes pride in taking care of their pwc and doing it right. that link really helped me, and made it easy to change my own spark plugs.
    I couldn't believe when i went to a few local boat or auto stores just to get parts or tools, the lack of interest in the correct way to work on something.

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    I have the service manual, pm me your email address

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