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    Ready to install new engine.

    I just got my 1200 PV back from PWC Engine. I need to install the drive shaft coupler and I need to know if I should use thread locker on it. If so what kind? What kind on gasket sealer should I use and should I put it on all gaskets to get a good seal,or just exaust and intake? Also I am looking for advise on engine break in. I will be running premix.
    Thanks for the help and advise.

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    Welcome to GH.
    I just use anti-seize on the couplers. I use a thin layer of waterproof marine grease on the gaskets. The intake side i will use a thin layer of 3 Bond 1211 on the gaskets. I have also used grease on them in the past with no issues. Very important to pressure test the engine before you install it. If its a new/rebuilt engine, break it in using semi-synthetic oil @ 32:1. Most of us use Yama-lube 2W for the breakin. Gimme a call if you like 775-315-0222 Kevin

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