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    Question please help me, simple question

    I have a 97 yamaha 1100 wave venture that I just got. I love the ski, great fun. Well the oil injection is gone and oil tank is used as an additional res. tank. I want to know what setting does what? on the oil tank valve. The knob to right of the main fuel valve. On my maiden voyage the res tank ran dry first leaving me panicked in huge surf!! Which position does what on that valve?? Off / on / res?? The line pointing left does? The line pointing down does ? The line pointing to right does what? Please help. I almost lost my brand new ski because of something as simple as this. I need to know. Going out tomorrow for a redemption session. Thank you. Aloha Paul.

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    Here's how mine looks on my GP1200. If yours isn't the same, you may have to buy or download a service manual for your WaveVenture to find out for sure.

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    what type of valve do you have? you state a knob/valve to the right of the main valve. this is not standard equipment. so in order to give you an informed answer we would need to know what type of valve it is. sounds as if you had the main fuel valve set on reserve or you would have been able to switch it over and continue.

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    You know...I was giving this some thought and think that it is a very bad idea to use the oil tank as the "reserve". The reason that I say that is that the main tank is 13.2 gallons. Of that about 3 gallons is for reserve. So after you've consumed about 10 gallons, you will still have 3 left to get back to the ramp or a fuel station. Now if you use the whole 13 gallons from the main tank and you will only have 1 gallon left for reserve, you very likely not make it back to where you need to go. If you were full throttle, you may only make 6 miles (not very far).

    So all that being said, if you could figure a way to have the oil tank "feed" into the main tank you may be good to go. You would just leave the fuel selector switch on the main tank as it was. I believe that these systems work on a small "pressure" to make them work, so if you could figure out a way to have the pressure go into the oil tank, instead of the main tank, then have the "feed" line for the oil tank fill into the "pressure feed" inlet on the main tank, it may be able to feed the oil tanks fuel into the big tank. Again, I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but would be the way to go for this.

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