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    Yamaha vx deluxe and Kawa STX - GPH and MPH

    Okay, i am shopping for my first ski, previously a bowrider boat owner. Got a few i am looking at 2008 Kawasaki STX15F and Yamaha VX Deluxe 2009. both equal in hours. Would love to know GPH and MPH i would get out of either or both. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have a 2008 15F; stock boat. 62ish mph. 6 to 8 mpg (depending on how much you are on the throttle). I have ridden the YAM VX. It is slower than the 15F (about 55 mph maybe). But it does have a good ride to it. The MPG is probably a little better than than the 15F. But seeing these are both 87 octane boats, and they both get good mileage, I don't think the YAM slight edge here is material enough. I think the YAMs greatest strength here is its reputation for being more resistant to corrosion in salt water. The KAW strength (15F) is its speed. There is a big difference in sensation of speed on the water between 55 mph and 62ish. Net Net: either boat is a good buy IMO. JB

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    Kawi parts more expensive.
    I've had 2x 15F's. The gauges went out on both of them at around 150 hours.
    $909 + tax each!!!
    Fitted the new gauges & sold them.

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    damn, for that price I wouldn't have even fixed them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreww View Post
    damn, for that price I wouldn't have even fixed them!
    Knowing how much fuel you have, is a bit important

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    If you plan on spending money on mods, get the kawasaki... With some riva parts I've heard of people hitting 66ish. The Yami won't be that fast, but you could probably pass it down to your kids kids.

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    Buy the Kawi.

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