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    Which Riva intake grate for 2005 3D?

    Can anyone tell me if theres a Riva intake grate for my 2005 3D?
    Ive searched everything i can think of and all ive found is an r&d grate that looks kinda average.
    I'd like something like the Top loader or equally as aggressive in design.
    Thanks for the help

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    R&D makes Riva's intake grates.

    IMO a intake grate on a 3D is worthless at best,get a Solas impeller.

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    ok thanks. ive already got the upgrade solas impeller, i figured the intake would be the next step

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    After a lot of searching i took a gamble and bought a 97 XP R&D intake, has a much bigger scoop than the 98-04 XP from R&D.
    I flushed the bolt holes and gaps with sika-flex.
    Made a huge difference, stays hooked up really well on the chop, the rear stays planted on the turns.. well worth the money +++

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