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    New Runabout N/A Spec class coming to the UWP-IJSBA tour in 2011!

    With the current state of the "Stock" rules, we felt there was a real need for a more affordable runabout class to get racers back into racing. Its seem that the majority of racers feel the current "Stock" class rules have gotten out of control. Inspired by what the Sport Spec class has achieved in the last few years we are excited to introduce this new Spec class on the UWP-IJSBA Tour for 2011! As a Naturally-Aspirated class, both newer N/A 4-Strokes and older 2-Strokes will be competing together. Below are the basic rule guidlines allowed for 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Runabouts:

    N/A Spec 4-Stroke Basic Rules:
    The following aftermarket handling mods will be allowed for this N/A Spec class:
    +Scoop Grate
    +Prop (prop remains as a stock replacement, must have same diameter as OEM prop, however NO MODIFIED DOUBLE PROPS)
    +Aftermarket Handlebars/Stem System
    +Seat foam height and Cover may be changed (removed seat foam CAN NOT allow any additional air flow)
    +Traction Mats
    +Visable water spout can be blocked off
    No other modifications will be allowed to exterior.

    The following are the only modifications allowed to the 4-Stroke engine and engine compartment:
    +An air filter kit upgrade would be allowed. (This is mainly to prevent costly engine damage if the stock paper air filter is overexposed to water)
    (diameter of intake manifold CAN NOT exceed that of STOCK OEM diameter inlet)
    +Intake ribbon can also be removed, but MUST maintain OEM diameter inlet)
    +NO aftermarket or reflashed ECU's. (IJSBA tech is developing a way to test for "reflashed" ECU's)
    +No other internal or external mods to the engine or engine compartment period. Must remain completely stock
    +Stock water routing and OEM waterlines must be used. No additional cooling lines allowed

    N/A Spec 2-Stroke Basic Rules:
    -All 2-Stokes will be able to run the current IJSBA "Limited" Class rules, with the exception that NO aftermarket pipes are allowed. That is it!

    N/A Skis that could possibly compete in thisnew Spec class (not limited to the following):
    -Yamaha VXR or VXS
    -Yamaha GP1300
    -Kawasaki 15F
    -Kawasaki STXR
    -Sea-Doo GTi
    -Sea-Doo XPL

    As a trial class this will allow us to adjust the rules by committee at the end of each year. It will be available to Pro and Amateur level racers. This class will be offered and monitored on the UWP-IJSBA Tour only. If you are interested in this class for the APBA races, you might contact the promoter to voice your intrest. We wanted to get this info out as soon as possible to build intrest for the class and allow people time to build and test before the IJSBA Tour starts in May. No grey areas! If you don't see it listed above, its illegal. Any questions should be PM'd to me or the UWP-Tech guru "Rudedog".

    Trey Frame

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    Thanks for the info Trey,rules look good ..should be a good race class on tour.

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    Trey wouldn't be thinking of racing a VXR next year, would he???

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    Turbo Doo's from Down Under one1one's Avatar
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    Just what the sport needs, another class.

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    so the two strokes can run an ECU but the four strokes can not?

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    One1one, you shouldn't worry about it because you live in AUS. We're trying to bring a lower cost option for racers who want to race runabouts. $20,000 Stock class race boats are not in the spirit of that particular rules intent. $50,000 Open boats are for the few and far between. This class will be for the budget minded racer who wants to compete relying on skills rather than how much they can dump into a boat.

    Dan, 2 strokes can run Limited rules minus aftermarket pipes. So yes, they can run aftermarket ECU's.

    Iflyems, I think the VXR will be a good ski to run in this class, but its really in its infancy. We plan on testing a few this spring and I'm looking forward to racing this class.

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    Lets Do the Math Trey? How much for a brand new VXR? Starting at $11,199 from yamaha's web site! Sponsons Riva $250.00. Ride plate $229.00. Intake grate $289.00. Skat impeller $269.00. Steering $419.00. Handlebars $79.00. Throttle Lever $ 74.99. Grips $ 23.95, Jettrim Sky's the limit but lets say Seat Cover $ 289.95. Mat Kit $ 95.95. air Filter kit $ 279.95. Some people cant Do this labor them selves! So lets put $500 in labor on here. I'm sure Tj would charge more. THAT COMES TO $14000,00!!!!!!!!!!! That class is going to save the sport? Really not much different then a PRO stock Class Boat! My seadoo I won the IJSBA and APBA national title doesnt cost that much more then that! I ran a Stock reflashed ecu that was $500 bucks! I ran a STOCK intake grate and STOCK rideplate and STOCK sponsons and STOCK prop! The most expensive thing i had to use was Race Fuel! And I ran VP 93 because we didnt want corn fuel!! The biggest price difference is that a 2010 rxpx is more then a 2011 VXR off the show room floor! This class will be the same as PRO stock! FOR EXAMPLE ONLY- When I have Bo Spend the Next 5 months working on a VXR and Erminio Has Tj work on one for the Next 5 months you tell me how much we will have in these SPEC Runabouts???????? Very CLOSE to the same as A Pro Stock Boat! RACING IS NOT FOR BUDGET MINDED PEOPLE TREY! For God sakes look at your trailer and Truck! Aj has what 9 tour stops? How in the world is a Budget minded person going to all 9 tour stops? Hotels, gas, truck, trailer ,food and Entry fees! How about a pit vehicle and a tote! one1one (James) is totally right!!!! Just what we need is another class! I fall asleep in the trailer waiting for the 10 hours worth of moto's!! MY Opinion! PRO OPEN, PRO STOCK runabout! AMATURE STOCK runabout NO ECU ALLOWED call it Amature spec if you want. Only one sport class PRO-AM Sport spec! PRO SKI GP and PRO STOCK SKI! THen have a AMATURE SKI spec class and your normal JUNIOUR CLASSES! AND for Trey, eric and Baldwin PRO-AM 800ss! Oh and womens runabout stock and Ski Stock! Do we Need these women on 80 plus mph FZR's? Your still my Buddy Trey! Just my two cents worth! Ive been racing since 1994 I love the sport as much as you! YOU DONT NEED A $3500 motec or autotronics ecu to be up front in stock class! OR a DUAL prop!

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    If that's the mindset you guy's have, just run BOX STOCK classes in lieu of this glorified clustersuck. Maybe your tech "guru" could keep this honest.

    Quit trying to over think what racing is all about....the way the rules where discribed...this could be a parts sell a thon for [email protected] and Riva with little or no improvement in lap times. If you want close competetive racing that brings ppl to the sport, "The Box stock classes should do it". But, in the past these classes have not faired well and usually have 2-3 ppl in them and you need extra course orientation for the riders. Good luck and I can really appreciate your efforts on bringing in new riders......but, if there where more "PAYOUTS" you'd have full starting lines.

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    This is the class the manufactures should be watching. They could all have a good handling 1800cc boat out of the box running upper 60's with racing graphics just like nascar and dirt bikes. Out of the box ready to race ride and look cool. This could happen in 2012 but to fill the starting lines it will take prize money. To have prize money we need factory involvement.
    Troy probably won $500 for a national championship. We all race for fun, no fans no prize money.
    We need the whole nascar or supercross approach.

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    This class isn't just about the VXR. How many guys out there have 2-strokes that just can't compete anymore with the 4-strokes. You'd be hard pressed to invest $5k on an XPL Spec under these rules. This will get more racers to the line. If I'm wrong, so what, I tried to bring the sport a budget runabout class to compete in. Keep your shirt on Slugger its only a trial class. Its not going to save this sport. Just make it affordable for more people to run in. Can any 2-Strokes still compete in your "Stock" class. Its not about prize money, or any of that crap. Its about a fun class you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to compete in. Thats it. Time will tell if its what the racers want.

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