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Thread: Boat Pox

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    Boat Pox

    I have not been on here for a while but needed to find out of anyone else has had a similar issue with their honda ski.

    I have two '04 R-12x skis...very low hours (about 40).
    I am religious about servicing and maintaining my skis... with that being said:

    The foot wells of both of my skis have little pox on the surface... all relatively small but pox nonetheless. Please note that none of my skis have ever been left in the water for any prolonged time. The only water has been from rain settling in the foot wells, which I periodically clean out. I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago. Any thoughts?


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    What do you mean by Pox? Mold, ???

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    Water has been sitting in the footwells. I had similar issues with a few yamahas. You need to spray the cover with sealant to keep water out.

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    What type of sealant ?

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    Scotchguard helps but tilting the bow high enough for the footwells to drain is better. I have seen many a Honda's engine bay full of rainwater from sitting level/bown down from the footwells filling up and leaking water through the side panel gaskets.

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