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    oil/fuel line replacement questions gp12r

    Just wondering what size and type is the small oil lines on the carbs., and where to purchase, also which are the pulse lines read cant use fuel line for these so what do you use, just want to get this in order before I start. Below are pics of lines. thanks

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    my advice would be to remove the oil inj and go pre-mix. i have actually saw the oil inj lines get hard and start shrinking. this causes the line to get shorter and actually pull off of the fitting and you know what happens from there.

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    How much does the premix smoke, alot?

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    it does not smoke much more than injection does.

    its a very worth while more oil pump failure worries

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    Guess I'm gonna do it, cant get fuel on the lake where I live anyways.

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    almost never has an oil pump failed. lines yes, cables yes. It is entirely up to you and what your comfortable with doing. replace the lines and clamps and inspect the cables etc or delete the pump and install an oil block off plate. in doing so you will have to remember to always add the correct amount of oil to each 5 gallon can or tank for the correct ratio... It`s been known for people to forget the oil or how much they put in and Boom... so it`s just a matter of what you want to do...
    Contact Osidebill in regards to lines and clamps and be sure to tell him what ski you have...

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