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    Xl1200 Ignition work on a GP1200r?

    Ignition is from a 1999 XL 1200 and the other ski is a 2001 GP1200r. Im pretty sure the XL was a power valve motor too? Will this ignition work on the GPR? Or at least any of the electrical parts inside the box?

    Thanks guys and Merry Christmas!

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    They are the same 66V motors, same ignition.

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    Group K has this note about the rev limiter on the XLL's.

    About Rev Limiters - As mentioned above, our kits utilize the stock ignition system. This ignition has a rpm limiter that offers very “unfriendly” ignition firing at about 7390 rpm. It often happens that a modified machine running close to the rev limiter can have speed difficulties in rough water. When the prop comes “un-hooked” at high water-speeds, the engine immediately bumps the rev limiter. If the pump reconnects with the water while the ignition is “on the limiter”, the rider can get a sensation that feels like “landing with the brakes on”. In truth, the rider is experiencing the moment that it takes for the engine loading to pull the engine down away from the limiter. The 99 XLL had an additional “limiter” whereby the cdi box also signals the exhaust valve servo to “drop the valves” when the rev limit is reached. This gave the ’99 XLL an uncommonly strong “landing with the brakes on” feeling. The 2000 model GPR/XL models do not have this secondary limiter.

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    good to know, thank you

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