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    What to look for - going to buy my first ski?

    Hey everyone,
    i think i found the deal that i cant pass on - 08 Kawi STXF15 with 10hrs on it. What do i need to ask the owner (original owner) before purchasing. I wont be able to test drive, only start. What should i inspect for?

    I don't have the compression tester so i will need basic advise here. thanks for all your help.

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    why can't you test drive it? weather or the owner? go buy a compression tester or rent one from somewhere its worth it if you are considering spending money on a ski. check the condition of the hoses and check to see if the gauge looks as if it has water intrusion (little wrinkles or bumps in the lcd) check the bottom of the hull for damage, scrapes or dings. check the exhaust hose that connects the header to the first waterbox (muffler) see if it is discolored or has any holes. check every bolt you can for rust or corrosion. check the interior of the hull for any signs of oil (oil leak or failure of some sort) or neglect. inspect the pump for large clearance between the pump and impeller. find out if it has been flipped or submerged. look at the spark plugs (the tips should be a warm light brownish color)

    everything you would look for when looking at a car applies in some way.


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    no excuse you need to test ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wot recession View Post
    no excuse you need to test ride.
    +1 , I be very suspisous if the seller said no test ride, you wouldn't buy a car private without a test drive?

    Also check the trailer wheel bearings, especially if you've got a long road trip ahead. Grab hold of the top of the trye and pull back and forth, you should feel no play or very little.

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    I guess an obvious question is there an extended warranty? And what is the in-service date? Was it bought new last year or in 08'? Did he do much to winterize it?

    And re. a deal, I think you can get a new leftover for around $7,000. So unless it is less than $6k I'd look for a new one with a warranty.

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