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    Question Good deal on a 2009 FX Cruiser SHO?

    I bought a 2009 FX Cruiser SHO with a trailer and cover and a 5 year extended warrenty for $8550. The ski was bought new in June of this year and has 4.7 hours. Was this a good deal? What does everyone think of this ski? Is it as reliable as most Yamaha's? Any problems with the extended warrenty? Anything special I should know about the ski?

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    That is a great deal, jump on it. Best ski I have ever owned.

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    yep great deal...enjoy your new ski.

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    Welcome to the forum. Yeah, pretty good price ... congrats!

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    I've been looking in Tampa for a few months for a deal like that. I still haven't found anything. Nice score.

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    It was a pretty sad story on how the waverunner came to be for sale. This guy in Macon, ga won the lottery ($400k) in April, bought the ski in June and was killed on his bike in October. Fate can be strange sometimes. I am really looking forward to enjoying the ski. I have had a Seadoo GTI for 13 years and it was a solid ski but its slow, dated and had started to nickel and dime me.

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    Holy crap! That is an unbelievable deal!! At least for my area it is. I am getting the exact same set up, but it will cost me around $10,500 when its all said and done.

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