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    Difference between 2011 RXTX260as and 2010 RXT260is

    Is there a real difference in these two ski's? other than the color and the steering handles? I am want the new RXTX260as but no one is selling them for any deal.. you can find the 2010 rxt260is for a good price.. In the end I will put a bunch of Riva stuff on it anyway so they probably aren't any faster? Please give me your thoughts? i guess Im bored cause I can't ski.. Water if frozen.. SALTWATER! lol

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    You can adjust the pre load and the stiffness of the suspension. Plus there's 5 inches of travel instead of 6. I do a lot of ocean/rough water riding and my iS can seem a little bouncy at times and the aS might be my solution. I will look into maybe trading when they show up. I know my dealer will be getting 1 for sure. Same engine and weight, so speeds should be identical.

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    The aS suspension is calibrated for offshore riding/racing and is 105% more stiff. Almost impossible to bottom out the aS version where the iS is better suited for inter coastal or mid sized lake conditions (at wot). The aS also includes the trick AES steering set up, X grip seat, and X mats,

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