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    out of control nyc tow truck driver

    saw this on yahoo.

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    Those guys must've been related to the bus driver from IL. Being NYC, the damaged truck was probably ticketed shortly after for being illegally parked.

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    I just about piss my paints just listing to the guy filming. A loader with out changes is a joke. IT justs slides side to side when you articulate. What a dump ass for not lifting the bucket. I saw that coming. I be mad if that was my truck.Thanks for sharing.

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    saw this on Yahoo as well, was actually about to post it. Pisses me off how that driver had no regard for anyone elses property. Probably didn't give a rats ass and just wanted to get his job done and get paid not knowing it would be filmed. I hope that driver gets fired. Oh btw, I see about 5 more threads of the same video popping up in the next couple of days haha.

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    I saw this on Fark yesterday, muted the volume.

    I operate heavy equipment for a living and do seasonal snow removal with a Komatsu WA320, there is no reason he should have gotten himself into that situation. I know it sucks when you get in trouble like that, but if you take you time always find a safe way out. Inexperienced operator and a tow truck that just care about getting him free as fast as possible. [/rant]

    I like how the loader operator left it in reverse at the end and nearly hit the truck.

    No chains here in Michigan btw, MDOT and the local municipalities would have my ass for tearing up the road.

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    must have been icy...thats about the only time that I get stuck on pavement but i agree that he should have never gotten himself in that situation.

    read the comments on the guys page...turns out that the suv was a city owned vehicle

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