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    Dustin Farthing Kawasaki Ultra For Sale

    For Sale is my back up Kawasaki Ultra from 2010 World Finals
    Modified & lightened hull
    Ported head
    Valves, springs, retainers
    Ported intake manifold
    Extrude honed exhaust manifold
    Vortech supercharger with new style pulley & belt design
    Modified ECU
    Modified waterbox
    Freeflow kit
    Skat Trak pump
    Skat Trak impeller
    Skat Trak nozzle
    Skat Trak steering cable
    Ride plate
    Intake grate
    Light weight hood
    Light weight seat
    Handle bars
    Billet throttle
    ODI grips
    $20,000 have pictures if interested. You can contact me at FARTHING@MTN-MOTORSPORTS.COM

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    That's an awesome deal!

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    sigh....I had to go and buy that fzr.....

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    Hello Dustin

    is it this ULTRA that you sold to Alex BARRET in France ???

    because i'm in discussion with Alex to redeem !

    the new price looks very down, and i am afread there have a hidden defect......

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