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    Apr 2009
    Auckland, New Zealand

    Check out my full vinyl wrapped, B-Kit powered 2003 Seadoo GTX

    2003 Seadoo GTX

    Darton sleeved
    Bored to 1600cc
    Forged CP pistons
    Rising rate FPR
    Full aftermarket tuned Rotax ECU
    Custom torque plate
    Custom exhaust manifold
    Modified waterbox with through hull exhaust
    60mm throttle body
    62lb injectors
    Ported head
    Aftermarket cam
    Custom alloy external intercooler
    Boost gauge custom mounted in mirror
    Seadoo Centre B-Kit supercharger @ 14.5 PSI boost
    Custom 4" intake routed to front storage bin
    Sunline MX bars
    Custom DESS mount
    UMI finger throttle
    Rad4Racing driveshaft seal
    Removed OPAS with block offs
    WORX sponsons
    WORX intake grate
    Custom pitched SOLAS prop
    Twin Versiplugs
    Tsunami 500GPH bilge pump
    Hydroturf retrimmed seats
    2006 Seadoo GTX mats
    Full vinyl wrap
    + lots more stuff I keep forgetting

    Recent photos as of 25th December 2010.

    With stock handlebars:

    Snapped the left handlebar, installing replacement:

    Back on the water:

    My friend posing on it

    Last edited by OSiRiSNZ; 12-30-2010 at 08:21 PM. Reason: Added more stuff to the mod list :P

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    Very niceee. The skis nice too lol.

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    Jun 2008
    Looks badass!

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    sounds cool but can you post some pics of the ski....

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    Makes me want Sushi

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    Auckland, New Zealand
    Haha cheers guys.

    Powered by and
    Wrapped by

    Next mod I'm thinking is drop the waterbox and have a straight pipe off the J through hull

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    Smile My Best Opinion

    Hey Like the ski! I was tossing around the same straight pipe idea as well. And I went with it! we have a pair of Outerlimites run in our cove all the time that are ten times louder than our little 1.5 Liter SeaDoo's

    All I got to say is its bad ASS!!! Those big ass pistions make the engine sound deep and tough! Now If you have friends who don't like it then get new ones. nine time outa ten their just jealous. However You can buy a Stainless Steel Muffler from Flowmaster and that quites her down a bit.

    Go LOUD!

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    nice pics love the seat cover, it would look sexy on mine

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    What's your topspeed after all the mods you made on it?

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    great looking ski! and girl too!

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