Hey all, just about done getting all my winterization done for the year, and this is the first year I've done it myself! and the last thing i'd like to do is check the air filter. I've got the service manual and it looks pretty straight forward, the only thing is I'm looking at the steps and the engine compartment and want to feel sure i understand and can get everything back together properly before i even start. Everything looks pretty easy, but i just needed a little clarification on a coupe of the steps if anyone has any opinions or experience with it.

First, to disconnect the fuel hose i guess i have to cut crimped clamp joints that are near the fuel rail slide? but when i go to re-attach the hose, my local boat store told they didn't have any of those clamps to replace them, so i picked up a couple of hose clamps with flat head screws to tighten. Anyone have any thoughts about what type is appropriate or if either is fine? Any precautions?

The other hoses are easy to disconnect, as well as removing the plastic ties to be able to pull out the air filter housing. Although, there is one plastic tie that is different than the rest, the one that's holding the fuel line going over top of the air filter case, i assume i can snip that, but it looks like it's attached differently somehow to the case. I just want to be sure i'm doing it right before starting to snip stuff.

And last question as far as when i go to reinstall everything and tighten the air case bolts, it looks really tight for getting my torque wrench in there to set the right torque, but i guess that's just how it is in that engine compartment, not as easy as getting to the spark plugs