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    2000 Seadoo XP tippy?

    I have a chance to buy a 2000 XP for a nice price, but my only experience with an xp is a 97 XP, and it was a riot to ride, but ridiculous to board in the water, couldn't even sit at a standstill on it without tipping over........are the newer XP's any better? Want to be able to at least stop on the water without falling off, and board it without fighting for 20 mins! Wife and kids wouldn't like that much! Right now we are riding an old 96 SP, and find it nice and stable, but kinda lacking in power department.

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    A 97-2003 xp is the same in the hull.

    I think they are easier to get on then a sp or spx or older xp. But I have only ridden one a few times.The hardest thing to get on is a waver blaster 1. I had some Friends that had some and I had a hell of a time balancing on it. Fun to ride, just different. A hx would most likely be the same. I have never rod one. A rx or a gsx two seater are pretty easy to get on. The Yamaha GP 800 or 1200 are pretty easy to get on to.If I were you with family, I get a 3 seater. If you ride lakes that are crowded with a lot of chop a 3 seater is the whey to go. I just look at your profile and I see you have a gsx. So you would known how they are. If you like the spi you should get a 96 xp 800 or a 97-99 spx 800. They have 110 hp compared to 60 to 65 on the spi and are mostly the same hull. just a little different depending on the year. Me my self thinking of up grading from my 95 xp 720. But I love the way they jump. Talk to you later.

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    No experience with an XP but used to have a zxi and that was small also. If you were used to riding it with 2 people you would definitely dump it trying to take off. I never had a problem since I got used to it. Might just take time getting used to it.

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    2000 xp is the same hull as 97 xp, so boarding should be similar.

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    Same hull as a 97. Once you get used to it they aren't to bad. Boarding two people in deep water is a different story though if the passenger is inexperienced.

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    As others have said, the 97 and 01 XP's are the same hull. I have owned both a 97 and a 01. If you don't like the 97, you really won't like the 00. It is less stable, because the engine is heavier. I find the XPL's (98+) very front end heavy, tend to dive a bit when decelerating at slow speeds. But slow speed dinking around is not what they are designed for. They carve and fly through chop much better than the 96 SP you are talking about, hands down. They much slower to get on plane, vs the GSXL, for example. They are a one-person high speed ski for chasing turns around buoys.

    But what I find strange is your comment that the 96 SP is "nice and stable". It is anything but. If you spend a lot of time with 2-up, then you are much better off with a GSX or RX hull, and perhaps the GTXL.

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    I just sold my xp but what I can tell you is it can be stable as said before but it takes a little time. Within a month I could go anywhere with my girlfriend on th back, come to a complete stop, both get on and off in deep is up to the passenger and rider to excersice a little common sense....its not instant but its possible....great machine and so much fun, miss it already
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