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    Ultra 150 carb choice?

    I am considering some aftermarket carbs for my 2002 Ultra 150. It is basically stock except for 42cc heads, stinger mod, TDR water box, 16/20 Solas, and a Shredmaster. want to go with Novi's if I do anything at all. I see Group K recommends 44mm Novi's. What do you Ultra guys recommend for a basically stock Ultra 150? Thanks

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    I would go with 44's but for the price I don't think the NOVI's are worth it. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome but there are cheaper 44's. You can score a set from a polaris plus linkage cheaper.

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    One thing to remember when buying carbs is ....are you going to buy the set to race or mainly rec only. And if you do will ou find yourself wanting more. If so there are reasons to spend a little more on buying "true" race carbs verses stock carbs from another ski which can and do work but with some sort of sacrifice from a race carb. Stock carbs can be harder to tune sometimes depending on application due to weaker carb signals since most the time on stock applications you have a much more restrictive airbox. And some carbs may not respond well to less restrictive flame arrestors.

    You can normally find a triple rack from a stock ski for a pretty cheap price but for $200-$300 more you can get a set of carbs that will tune better,respond better and have better overall performance ..

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