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Thread: carb issue

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    carb issue

    i have an xlt1200 with a rebuilt engine. carbs we cleaned and all gaskets look good. runs great. my problem is that it is letting in too much fuel. after carrying it out on the water there is fuel coming out of cylinders #2 and #3 (with spark plugs in). spark plugs were then removed and i rolled the engine. a gysiers of gas flew out of both! (alot less in #2 than number three). how can i adjust the amount of fuel entering the engine? needle valves are all set correctly. and there are no adjuster screws on the carbs!

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    The first thing you need to do is loosen the gas cap and relieve the pressure in the tank and turn the gas off if not already done then ground the spark plug wires then remove the drain plug on the hull and wash the gas out. I would have who ever built the carbs rechecked them. sounds like low pop off pressure or bad needle seats. but the carbs need to be removed.

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    contact osidebill he is the resident carb god

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    sounds like your needle is stuck or the carbs were not put back together right.

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