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    Garbage river or motor prob

    Hello old school folks. I have a 650 yami wave3 i resurrected on the cheap. I am an older dude so i use my ski on a lazy river and putt up to an open area where i can open it up a bit. I find that almost everytime i take it out towards the end of the day the temp sensor seems to restrict wot. The river has some leaves (not alot) in it and it may be possible i am sucking up a couple of leaves and am obstructing my cooling flow.
    1. I am a newbee watercraft user. Is this a common prob w/skis. I try to avoid floating debree but a few i have to go over.
    2. Do these things suck everything up in sight. After i bring it home and flush it out (i see a couple of leaves come out but not a whole lot) the next time out it is usually the same routing 1 hour of idle, 30 mins high speed then "govenor"
    3. Do you think i have a motor issue or need to find a new place to ski?
    4. Does anyone else here do this and encounter the same prob.

    Thank you.

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    I would try some different waters. If the same thing happens without a good explanation, the you may need to look for a clog/restriction in the cooling system that isn't getting flushed out well. Maybe in a hose or in the exhaust water jackets. You can add a strainer to the water hose from the jetpump to the engine to try to catch debris before it enters the engine.

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    Ya Cutlass, on that note a year ago i went to flush it and didnt see any water coming out the bottom. Shut it down quick and found a damn lisard climbed into my flush hose. Wouldnt be suprised if one crawled into the inlet too. Guess thats what floridians have to deal with instead of winterizing. Thank goodness for the temp sensor.
    I was just wondering if a few leaves will ruin a day like it has been.

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    Is your cooling bad, or are you running lean (hot) and your temp sensor is preventing you from burning up your engine? Yamaha's cooling engineering and strategy hasn't really been an issue. When you have these problems, is your engine so hot to the touch that you can sizzle water droplets?

    Check plugs and compression sometime while you are troubleshooting. It may be something like a lean carb that is creating overheating problems.

    If you still believe that it truely is a cooling thing, consider these possiblities:

    The cooling water supply line to the sleeved cylinders and exhaust system that comes from the pump should have a screen at the pump. This is the first restriction and the first place to check for "trash".

    Mud sometimes will settle in the sleeved cylinders which will not allow cooling transfer. You would have to pull the head for inspection, and this is rare.

    There could be corrosion in the sleeves which would prevent cooling transfer. Also rare

    The temp sensor itself could be bad.

    Check for any obvious kinks in the water supply line.... hook up air to the water supply, direct the air through the engine and listen for any restrictions.

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