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    2004 800XLT engine apart

    Ok, I have my engine torn out and apart. I had 60 and 140 for compression. I dropped off both cylinders off for replating this morning. I will be getting 2 new pistons.

    Now while it is apart are there any suggestions as to what else I should do or have done? Like;
    Do I need wave eater clip?
    Should I have my carbs rebuilt?
    Change over to premix? If premix, what all is involved in the change over?

    Thanks guys, I am looking forward to your responses.

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    While apart I would plan on doing the wave eaters and have the carbs rebuilt by Oside Bill. If you are the only one using the boat I would do premix. If anyone else is, stick with the oil injection and buy pinch clamps to secure the oil lines on the carbs. The pinch clips lock these down tight.

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    I will be sending my carbs to Oside Bill very soon, I am getting some pinch clamps and new oil/fuel lines. Don't I only need 1 wave eater clip set?

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    2 clips one coupler

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    where is the best place to get my wave eaters?

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    You can buy them through the store here from Riva for a %10 discount. or you can buy the SBT arms only for $20ea. it is the only SBT part I have seen that I would actually buy. The wave eaters have the benefit of the upgraded linkage piece.

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