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    water injested into oil head is done

    im looking to buy a jetski the guy claims the water got into the oil and head is blown the question is whats the cost to either get a new head or rebuild one of these. im looking at a deal and don't want it to slip by. Or should i skip the whole deal part and just spend the few extra thousand and find one with warranty

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    go the later trust knowone, best part of $5000.00 to repair. if you are talking about an ultra250

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    I see your from NY. Are you talking about that 08' with the bad head on CL where the guy wants $3200? I looked into that ski too but the cost for the repair will put you WAY over what it would cost to buy a good running ski IMHO...

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    thanks i was trying to stay in the 6 range or even under but i can find one with a warranty for the same price. i missed a steal in oct guy had it up for 4k, i bought a bike instead and saved his number sold. pretty upsetting .

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