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    carbs stuck on 1100 zxi

    i've got a 2000 zxi and wanted to rebuild the carbs, only problem is i cant get them off. took the flame arrester off then tried the arrester case and one of the bolts were corroded in. its the one on the third carb, last bolt towards the stern. i ended up stripping the head on the hex bolt. so i sprayed some pb buster and then cut a slot on head to use and impact wrench and got nothing, vice grips didnt work either. ended up grinding head off and got arrester case off. problem is i still have the carbs on. once i had the case off i tried slot on shaft of bolt and impact wrench, then vice grips and nothing. my only other ideas are some heat and vice grips but i just dont wanna peal the black paint off the carbs and my last option is drilling it out. anyone have any other ideas?

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    Sounds like the bolt shank is corroded to the carb body itself, and not the threads. Drilling a steel bolt out of an aluminum carb will certainly be a challenge. Lots of penetrating oil, perhaps vibration. If you have an engraving tool or multifunction vibration tool, you might try hitting the bolt with that.

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    actually i got it off, and it was stuck in the carb and was unthreaded from the manifold

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