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    I need Some Hull Help!

    I have a 98 zxi1100 with hull damage to the bottom. The guy i got it from hit a stump in the lake with it and pretty much killed it. The good news is that this happened in 2000 and the ski has been sitting for the last 10 years and only has 20 hours on it. I would like the find a hull if anyone has one. Having it repaired would cost more than the ski is worth. If someone could also tell me what years and models of hulls to look for that would be alot of help as well! thanks!

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    No, they are not the same hulls. '96 was the first year for the 1100 ZXi. It had the air induction ports in the bottom of the hull, near the ride plate. This made the 'Ski a little faster (supposedly) but also made it unstable on glassy water at high speed. It hurt people and Kawasaki had a recall that required gluing a 'bowl' on the front of the hull. In '97, the boat was removed from the market until mid-summer while they redesigned the hull to fix the problem.

    I don't know if the later 1100s had the air induction ports or if they did away with them (I think they did away with them). The recall did not apply to the 900s and, to my knowledge, the 900s never had the air induction ports.

    Avoid the air induction hulls unless they have the bowl modification or are '98 or later.

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    Use 900/1100 ZXI hull

    I have a few clean hulls for a good price if you still need one give me a call.
    Jim 602 550-2281

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