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    importing a jetski

    is there any members on here that has ever imported a ski from the us to australia,a vxr is $11000 in the us and $19000 in australia......shorely it wont cost $8000 to send...

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    good to see you back mate.

    I had my conversion shipped over last yr from Chicago to Sydney and it cost me around 4k in shipping costs + 10% gst + 300 in customs bs fee's.

    the GST is calculated on the cost of the ski + shipping x 10% = gst bill, nice of them to do it that i know

    make sure you shop around for a quote because they vary qidely and make sure your shipping costs are fixed and in writing.

    as far as where to buy from berts megamall ships quite a few over here so they will be easy to deal with and are very close to the shipping ports

    hope this helps.

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    central coast...nsw...australia
    yeah its been a while but i'm back......thanks for the info......

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