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    2007 rxp low revs on water high revs on trailer

    Iíve got a 2007 rxp with thru hull exhaust, metal washers Lowes intake, riva grate, and solas prop when the ski is on the trailer it revs all the way to 8100 I checked the super charger and it doesnít spin free and feels good but when I hit the water I cannot consistently get over 6000 rpm there are times when going full throttle that it will all of a sudden spike up and hit 8000 rpms but then will drop back down I have kept up on my oil changes and have taken a look at both the wear ring and prop and neither look to be damaged as I replaced the ring not too long ago the only thing that I have not tried is to replace the spark plugs but I pulled them and cleaned them up and they look good but im not sure what the issue could be if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it

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    you cant clean a fouled spark plug so just swap them out. check for boost leaks, check to make sure the oils not over full. and quit revin' it to the moon on the trailer

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    Does it run rough too or just not RPM out???

    If its not running rough im gonna say your Scer is possibly slipping...Your Scer wont spin freely even if it is slipping...Theres still tensionon the clutch system...Also check the hose going from the SCer to the throttle body,make sure the clamps are tight and the hose has no holes or cracks in it..If its running rough then i would steer towards coils/plugs..

    But also as Mike stated, new plugs wont hurt...

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    plugs or faulty coil will cause a cylinder to not run under load and because it sometimes goes up to 8k on the water sounds like an ignition fault. replace the plugs and borrow a coil from someon to try in each cylinder if the plugs dont work. any 4 tec coil will do they are all the same.

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