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    Opas block off question

    Are the riva block offs and the race engineering block offs the same length? Also i read somewhere a while ago that one of the brand was far better than the other, but cant remember which one it was...

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    The Riva Blockoffs are a bit shorter then the RE's. Don't know exactly how much..somewhere around an inch. The ones that where far superior where the complete blockoffs which completed the hull entirely but those where only made for a certain time and think they no longer make them.

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    Correct the R.E.s are longer..As far as handling differences??I cant tell..I run the REs on my ski and the Rivas on my wifes and cant tell any difference handling wise..Also the REs are not Legal to run in the IJSBA were the Rivas are..

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    Thanks guys u have answered my questions.

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