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Thread: Fuel Problem??

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    Fuel Problem??

    I have two 04 rxp's all stock one with 21 hrs and other with 51hrs older machine runs 8100rpm and apprx 70 mph, 21hrs machine runs 7700 rpm and 64 mph Both machines broke in identical and fluid levels and oil brand exactly the same. Only modification is steel clutch washer's on both machines. Torque value after a two hour run in is 11 newton meters on both machines. Have also switched both superchargers and had same results. One final note is that the newer machine surges just like a clutch slippage I think? mostly around the 6500rpm to wide open throttle, if you hold a constant throttle position it will vary in rpm as much as 500-600 rpm feels like an anchor goes out then gets reeled back in. I have also checked the fuel pump pressure and it is 60psi. Any help or things to check would be great.

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    My 04 RXP did behave in a similar fashion prior to my changing out the washers. Now it is solid in terms of the RPM's. Previously the rpm's would fluctuate in the mid range, but not at WOT.
    Once i replaced the ceramic washers it was stable. Not sure why. I would suggest checking the slip moment on the SC but you have already swapped them and it made no difference. Spark plugs maybe not gapped properly?
    I read a few months back some one had a problem with a fuel pump connector which caused something similar, if memory serves me correct.

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    Mine had a cracked fuel pump outlet nipple and ran the same way.
    Once I repaired the pump problem 8100 8150 all the time.

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    Mine did that once too, turned out to be a boost leak. Very carefully check your SC hoses and clamps ... sometimes if you remove the SC hoses/tubing you can actually see burn streaks where boost is leaking past a fitting or clamp.

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    More on the Fuel Problem.

    I have looked and tested for leaks on the supercharger boots to no avail. I think the stainless clamps I replaced the oetiker clamps with probably took care of that. One further note is that the three times it's been to dealer's they have commented on a fuel level sensor being reset. All they would say is that it was the low level sesor that comes on when fuel level is low,since we ride long distances it comes on just about every outing. I would be interested on the thread or link that north49 brought up in an earlier response. Also plug gap and plugs have been changed and swapped between boats. Thanx.

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