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    GP1200R weight limit question

    I'm a big fella... 6'8 and 290 lbs. The weight limit for the GPR is around 360 I believe. Does that mean that I can never ride with my 120 lb girlfriend? Or is it more of a guideline? I just don't want to damage anything...

    Any insight is appreciated!

    Thanks guys

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    I've overloaded my GP1200 by about 40 or 50 pounds before without any issues of it sinking or anything. But its not much fun to ride that way. It porpoised and was kinda unstable. With more practice, we probablly could have went a little faster. One thing to concider is, how easy is it gonna be to reboard the thing with 2 people if you fall off? Make sure you're near shore or another boat in case you run into issues

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