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Thread: 15F Issues

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    Exclamation 15F Issues

    Hey all, kinda long story hang in there!
    Right so, my ski was fine before this happened. I went to get my ski serviced, spark plug one seized and snapped trying to get it out. So the head has been removed and fixed and it now runs rough, top speed 95km/h barely revs over 7000 under load, bad holeshot. They are now telling me that my valves have rust and need to be machined... $500 (checked with a camera) i'm not sure i believe them as it ran fine before they fiddled around with it and i'm sure as hell not paying for them to fix it.

    Also i noticed my injectors no longer click after turning off the engine. Not sure why they have stopped is that an issue?

    One last thing,
    I did a seal on a pump bearing the first year i had it and the whole jet pump system had to be replaced (luckily under warranty as it was about 2.5k of damage)
    Anyway i had a look down the back towards the impeller and noticed that the impeller has been scratching the wall. Is it normal for scratching around there? I'm just getting the feeling that it is happening again. Also may have something to do with my lowered performance??

    Any thoughts would be great.

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    it may be the pump
    take it out and check it

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    I finaly got around to checking the pump and its all fine.
    Does anyone know the reason for the injectors clicking when the engine it turned off?

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    Normally i turn the engine off and a second later i hear chattering from the engine for 1-2 seconds (im assuming its the injectors) it no longer does this.

    As for starting no problems.

    Compession was terrible when i got it back they told me it was around 60 cylinder 1 100 cylinder 2 120 cylinder 3 140 for 4. I dont have a tool to check compression but last time i took took them they said it had impoved. I dont know by how much. I might get compression test tool and check it tonight.


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    compresion is way off
    you need to find out why
    is it pistons or valves (maybe the cam timing is off)
    or the valves are rusted and not seating properly, if thats the case it will only be a mater of time before you do major engine damage


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    That ticking is normal. It's the idle air control motor cycling. It's real easy to screw up cam timing. Is the ski hard to start? At TDC, the outer timing marks should be parallel with the top of the cylinder head and the inner marks should face down slightly.

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    Alright, ive checked the cam timings and im not 100% sure its correct maybe a tooth off? Post some pics tonight

    As for the idle air control, i dont hear it cycling after i shut the engine down anymore since i got it back. It has been idling at 2000rpm which it too high should be 1200 i think. Where is it in the engine bay so i can check it out

    Thanks guys

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    Heres the pics, if you need better ones ill go take some more

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    alright ive taken a new pic of the cam timing, im pretty sure its wrong.

    Should TDC on piston 1# be correct when the cam timings are as shown? As i have never done this before

    Thanks guys

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    Also i was told by the mechanic to run my engine anyway as i would not harm it because he was under the impression my valves have rust on them. If thats not the case and the cams are out whats the chances that i have done some sort of engine damage (slightly bent valves?) as i have done about 10 hours on it since ive had it back from them... and thats the last thing i need lol

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