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    Stiff RXP steering cables??


    I have an '04 RXP which i have recently bought, previous owner spent a small fortune on last service!!! Have ridden it a couple of times and steering feels fine although slightly restricted when turning one way. I would like to lube up the cables as I think this is the problem but can't see access to get to them.

    Can anyone help?


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    Welcome to Greenhulk!!!!Hope you enjoy your time here...

    I would look at your OPAS system first..Your OPAS are the paddles on the back two corners of the ski..Make sure they are not hanging up or something isnt broke..Also make sure one isnt adjuste in farther than the other too..Then check out your pump and make sure the steering nozzle isnt hung up,bent or broken somewhere...This is were i would start before ripping the cable out..

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    Thanks for the advice bud i will check those items first before doing anything with the cables. Is it much of a job to change the cables and can it be done DIY or does it need to go into dealer?

    Would like to get it sorted before our summer, all be it brief, arrives!!!

    Thanks for the advice.


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    welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the forum

    +1 on the opas/steering/jetpump area.

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    In personal experience, it usually is an OPAS adjustment issue. When the "stealer" pulls the pump, they disconnect the OPAS and spin the adjustments and don't bother to check alignment. I believe as others have said that this is your problem and not your steering cables. If you decide to change them you can do it yourself. I recommend tying the two together and pulling out the old and the new is in its proper place with a little encouragement. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum as well.

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