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    Tire Mounting in Illinois

    Hey guys. I bought a tire changing machine for personal use. This is a very nice machine that is fully protected with plastic guards in all spots near the rim to eliminate scratches

    I live in Plainfield, IL. If you live nearby and need any ATV, Trailer, Auto, Light Truck, Jeep rims unmounted or mounted send me a PM. Smallest ATV rims we can do are 9". And we can do up to about 15" wide and 48" diameter. Since we work with the powdercoater we can probably get a decent deal on powdering them

    I know our local dealer will do atv tires for $35. Another one is like $20. Walmart and our tire shops will not even attempt them.

    I can do your tires for less. We bought the machine to work with a powercoating company and we will do all their mounting on custom powdered rims. Scratch Free installation. We also got it because we are tired of going to the dealer after we powder our rims and watch them scratch them all up trying to get them mounted.

    We do not have a balancer at this time. But if you have like a offroad vehicle, truck, or suv we can use balancing beads that will balance the tire for the lifetime of the tire. Its a slightly new technology. Most jeep guys use something like this because most balance machines wont do bigger tires. Beads are extra.

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