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    Awesome Craigslist find

    I found this jewel on Craig's list for 2800. I couldn't pass it up. He wanted 3200 but I talked him down to 2800. The 400 I saved, I went and bought a $400 parts car complete with a one year old paint job, that is why the front clip is blue. Months of fabrication and headache has been saved. This car has never been on the track. It was built in 2005 but the owner ran out of money. It's been sitting in his shop collecting dust ever since then. It's a 4 link car so that's even better. The narrowed ford 9 inch is 5:13 gears so it's an 1/8 th mile car. I want to run a 1/4 mile but that gear is going to wind out the motor. This might be a good thing to run the 1/8 th, that way I can tune in the car's handling (since its never been driven since the build), then change the gears to 4:56 and then run the 1/4 mile. There is no way I could have built the car this cheap. It came with a 2 speed powerglide, stall, trans brake, a MSD 7 electronics box. The front windshield and back is Lexan. All I need is a motor, fuel pump, exhaust, radiator and a few more pieces of aluminum to finish it up. Then I'm done....
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    Did someone call the police considering you stole it! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by oklagp1200r View Post
    Did someone call the police considering you stole it! LOL

    I almost felt guilty bringing him down further on the price. It was well worth the 3200. One wierd thing about this is I had already started on a 95 Camaro. I cut the whole backend out and was taking measurements for the subframe kit from Summit. I was going to get the roll cage, rims, tires, subframe all on one big order. I only went to Craigslist to see what Camaro parts were worth since I was stripping mine out. This car showed up and believe it or not, the ad was a month old!! I had previously searched with all the key words "drag race, roller, bak half, tubbed" and nothing came up. I dang near bit my lip trying not to give myself away on the phone when I talked to the guy and he said he still had it. So now I got it......and now I'm broke. I have about 500 as of today after junking out an old car. I need to save the money and replace those damn ceramic washers in both the 05 RXT and RXP. I'm going to take a chance and hold off on the exhaust valves on both of them one more year. I'm going racing this year. I'll keep eveyone up to date on what this thing will do. GOD.....please don't let me put this thing into the wall !!! I have some drag racing experience, but nothing of this magnitude.

    Now I have to figure out what to do with a 95 Camaro with no back end floor pan or rearend. That was fun getting it out of the garage to make room for the new one.

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