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    how reliable is a 2003 gtx 4 tec non s/c. has 130 hours

    I am looking at possibly buying a 2003 gtx 4 tec non s/c with 130 hours on it. how many hours can i get out of this ski?? ive seen posts with these engines failing at 80 to 250 hours??? also what is the top speed for this model? thanks for any information.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    My wife has a 2002 version of this ski with 160 hrs on it and we have had no real issues with it at all. As long as the ski has been serviced when required and generally looked after it should be okay. The 4 tec motors are pretty well bullet proof...especially the non s/c versions as you dont have washer failures and the like to contend with. The only parts we have had to replace on the motor itself have been oil pressure switches (both) these are known to go faulty on them. Nothing else other than changing the prop wear ring when required.....and that was only due to some small stone being sucked up into the pump in shallow water.

    You should see about 60 mph or there abouts...seen 65 on the clocks but i know there not 100% accurate.

    Hope this helps your decision....we`ve had no real issues with our one and endless fun on it.

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    Those N/A engines have been known to run well over 1k hrs without any major failures...... in the rental market The 4-tec engine is built like a brick shit house compared to the competition! The weakest link is the charger... but you don't have to worry about that with this particular engine.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    That is a pretty safe ski. As mentioned, the non SC skis have better longevity. If it's a great deal, jump on it. Chances are you'll probably add another ski, or upgrade once you get bit by the speed

    Pauly C.

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    thanks for input, pretty sure im going to get it!!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Very reliable ski.
    Mid 50's MPH + or -

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    I traded mine (SC) with 110 hours on it. Never had a problem with it and the new owner has been riding it trouble free. It is a good all around model, supercharged or not.

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