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    Water Lock mishap.

    I was doing some work on a Mates Ski today and decided to investigate a knocking sound coming from the Water lock.
    It seems there are 2 x 3 inch pipes that were welded into position in there and they have both suffered broken welds.
    One is still sliding up and down in its bracket the other was just flying around in there & is a bit squished out of shape and has a piece broken off which is completey missing so I suspect it passed through & out.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before & if I can just leave the dislodged parts out of the water lock. also I have no idea what they do so if anyone knows it would be great to find out.
    Lastly I have no idea how this has happened. The owner of the Ski doesnt ride in rough water & I havent been riding his Ski.

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    they are water box baffles they quiten your exhaust, aid in back pressure and keep exhaust temps down, some of us cut them out tell he'd not to worry others may just have to wear ear plugs the finger is a givaway lol

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    Lol, I'm still curious how this happened!

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    corrosion, wet environment if it wasnt dried out after each ride, the baffles fracture then, heat, combustion gases, salt water, sonic vibration, extra heat from extra horsepower eventually will rattle them loose, faulty welds or seems from the factory lots of variables will cause it. same as your car muffler exhaust baffles shit happens.

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    i have a brand new one never been in water if you are interested pm me and we can work some thing out

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