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    Smile piston wash

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ID:	226177 Pic on top is all three pistons. Sec pic is center and rear pistons, last pic is of cyclender one towards the front of ski.
    hello to any one out there who can help me with piston wash on my suv1200 NPV engine. Heres what i have done. 30 hours on new engine rebuild. no presure test. 1.0 over pistons, hot rod crank, R&D Air filter, boyesen PRo reeds, Reed spacer, R&D stuffers, oil block off,jets 100L, 135H N&S 1.5 stock spring All lows 1 turn out, highs 1 turn out.I would like to state that the first piston towards front has a very light brown color with some good washing. The other two pistons are dark with very small washing i think its alittle lean. so is the first one light in color because i have a water leak, or something else wrong with air leak, or is it good in color, i think it has the best wash. all 125 compression. Please help on light brown color vs dark color and idleing and loading. I thoght loading is to much fuel or is it bogging from not enogh fuel.
    Any one have any ideas on why my ski loads up and then dies when ideling too long around 4-5 min or when ideling and then open full throttle. if im too lean wouldnt it not load up.Do you adjust the highs or lows when to lean or rich. Ive read tons on this piston wash on greenhulk and learned alot but still need help.

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    I'm no expert, but its my understanding that #1 is good and #2 and #3 are a tad lean. And pistonwash shows the overall jetting condition. You could still be rich or lean a idle and the wash won't necessarily show that.

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    Oh and if you think your idle is rich, then turn the low speed screws in a little bit (make small adjustments, like 1/8 to 1/4 turns). If that adjustment affects your idle speed then adjust back to spec as well.

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    You want more wash on all 3 pistons #1 looks best.Heat is what changes the crown color.A nice caramel color indicates a good operating heat range.Dark on top means burnt underneath brown on top means not burnt under the crown.At least thats what I have seen.You want to see a lot of wash on the pistons.Your #1 is ok but still a little lean imo.

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