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Thread: the ocean--

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    Question the ocean--

    so i will be going out to seattle area for the summer--
    my ski has only been run in freshwater--
    my concern is this--
    how should i prevent stuff like seaweed.jellyfish and other shit floating in the ocean from plugging my water intake up---tons of jellyfish out there---

    also when i take it from Montana to sea level---wonder if i'll have to rejet the carbs??

    just got my brandnew shred master plate today--thing looks perfect!!! can't wait to put it on--been soooo cold up here in the High Country----feel soooo cooold inside--
    THANX BOB MORGAN for the great product and customer service---he called or emailed every time i contacted him. HE'S A PRO

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    I would be more worried about the salt corroding everything. Make sure you flush your motor and rinse out the inside of the hull well after each ride. They make some product to coat things with, I think it is called fluid film. Might be wrong on that. All I ride is the fresh water ocen called Lake Michigan and inland lakes. Oh and pull your pump and coat the pump seal and the bolts with waterproof grease or you might never get the pump out again. It might be a good Idea to put the tripple pisser kit in to see if something get pluged up.

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    definitely the tripple pisser kit
    not sure --now that you mention it if i even wanna ride in salt water---itz hard on everything i hear.
    there are lots of lakes around---
    cept my dad has a twin screw 40' diesel yacht that we take out for a week at a time. would be fun to have my ski along. cept saltwater fear is setting in.
    THE GREAT LAKES would be the place to ride i hear---jealous. It must be endless beaches and coves and isolation.
    one thing i love to do is go snorkeling---never done it off my ski yet---but i will.
    thanx for the reply

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