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    1997 SLTX 1050 Timing

    I have a 1997 SLTX 1050, I bought it in peices and trying to peice it back together, the engine failed due to the stator. I bought the update kit 2873091, as i was putting the flywheel on i noticed 2 little screws near the center of the flywheel, they are in slotted holes... where should these screws be in these slotted holes?

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    hi buddy there the timing screws, id leave them in the position they are, if you removed them look closely for marking or paint were they were seated, when running strobe the timming and you might be ok,if not adjust timing look at manual.

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    just noticed wellcome buddy to greenhulk, theres some terrific guys on here.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Leave the timing screws where they are for now.

    If you are worried that the initial timing setting may be too far out of whack, you can check the static timing (engine not running) by following the service manual procedure. You will need to rig up the 9 volt battery jig to power the Hall Effect sensors.

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