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Thread: 2010 gtx 155

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    2010 gtx 155

    I am looking at a new GTX 155 The Dealer has quoted me $10650 drive out trailer not included. Is this a deal? He says his invoice is 10200 giving him only 400 markup.

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    Doesnt sound too bad but check this out.

    You might have to drive a little....
    Also, make sure and check Seadoo's website so you can make sure you get any additional warranty that is available.

    Good luck in your search.

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    The 10650 is with a 5 year warranty. MANCUSO POWERSPORTS is the one selling it to me. Looking on pwc trader I looks like 10200 is not the invoice. They have a few on there for 8900 but with dealer freight/prep, tax and shipping to houston I might save 200. When it was Galveston Honda I new I got a good deal when I whent in to buy. Mancuso doesent give me that same vibe. I plan on buying it on Tuesday unless some one knows of a better deal. Please help me out.

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    I just bought my 2010 gtx 155 at the St. Louis boat show which also come with 5 year warranty if bought at boat show. They were selling them for 10900 out the door all doc fees etc included. With trailer cover, fire extinguisher, tie downs, and whistle. I figure the trailer and cover and misc cost about 900... Seams like you should easily get them down another 500.

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