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    Now this is a retirement plan!

    Retirement Planning

    If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Nortel stock one year ago, it would now be worth $49.00.

    With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00.

    With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 left.

    If you had purchased $1,000 of Delta Air Lines stock, you would have $49.00 left.

    But, if you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of wine one year ago, drunk all the wine, then turned in the bottles for the recycling REFUND, you would have had $54.00.

    Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle.

    Let people you care about know this... and tell them to start now!!!
    I am passing this information on as a public service . . . there is no need to thank me.

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    LOL good stuff. Depends on the type and quality of wine. If it was a grand worth of Yellow Tail (which BTW is very good for it's price) this would be true. If it's the $65 a bottle variety this would not quite be true.

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    And I thought there was going to be a great scam you were going to tell us about.

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    Or, you could have bought $1000 in gold, which would now be worth 1243.00, a net gain of $243.

    Yea, I get it, you were just posting up a joke. But, in the U.S., we don't have the nice bottle return refunds like you do in Canada. What's up with that?? Ya drink a lot up there????

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    So you mean us college kids have the best retirement plan? Damn straight!

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