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    2011 Offshore, Endurance, Poker Runs et al - anything to add?

    After searching around the forums here, Pwcoffshore, Macc Racing's site, and everyone's favorite search engine, I thought I would share the info I pulled together. I haven't raced formally and have been overseas for 8 years, so please feel free to add to, update, and correct the following (edit, PM, post below, whatever works!).

    2011 - US Events
    I didn't see a 2011 APBA schedule, did email them, and in the interim, found the RPM Racing events list which covered most of the APBA events for the previous year:

    Feb 26th - Mark Hahn Memoria in Havasu (hope everyone has a blast here!)
    ? March 27th - Dana Point to Avalon (listed at Tentative)
    July 16 and 17 - Long Beach Offshore Powerfest - LB to Catalina and back
    ? Sept 16 - 18 - San Diego Bay Fair (not sure about the PWC days this year)
    ? Oct 22 - Blue Water Resort and Casino 300 (PWC info?)
    Nov 6 - Dana Point to Oceanside and Back

    For the East Coast - it doesn't look like there is a lot going on...

    However the 2010 APBA schedule listed an Offshore Poker Run in Sarasota Florida in June of 2010. Did anyone make it to this event, and does anyone have any details on a 2011 followup?

    Other than that, I know that the Wavedaze crew in Virginia Beach has done some nice long rides (not races) as part of their past events which are usually held in October.

    As for international runs - I'll post something in the appropriate forum after pulling together some info for the US - but please feel free to post up and or PM me about that as well!

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    PWCTODAY has a thread for an offshore race in Mexico this year.

    in addition, look up DJSA racing in Nor. Cal. They have a few endurance races, not many "offshore" but long distance races in bay's and lakes and stuff. Pretty good promoter as well.

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    Had another planning meeting last night - here is the latest:

    **Note, if anyone wants to be added to the PWCOFFSHORE.COM email broadcast group, please email [email protected] and request to be added to the email list - you will receive current updates regarding offshore race logistics etc., among other offshore related infomration
    The 2011 Triple Crown of Offshore (TCO) Jet Ski / PWC Racing dates!

    RPM Racing Enterprises is the promoter, contact is: Ross Wallach [email protected]

    March 27, 2011 – The Dana Point, Ca to Avalon Offshore Race: From Dana Point to a turn-boat outside of Avalon. The race will be a 58 mile roundtrip race vs. a one-way race. Navigation will be critical! Come watch the finish at Dana Point! Updated information will be posted here:

    May 22, 2011 or November – Date TBD based on racer feedback – do you want the Dana Point, Ca to Oceanside and Back Race in the third weekend in May or November of 2011? Feedback Appreciated. Right now we are leaning toward May 22 based on existing racer feedback. Updated information will be posted here:

    July 17, 2011 - The historic Long Beach, Ca to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship Race aka “The LB2CAT”. Updated information will be posted here: and here

    Classes: Pro Open, Veteran Master, Manufacturer Stock, Super-Stock Limited, Sportsman and Amateur Open (Amateur Open will require a sufficient amount of participants to allow for the class). ** The Sportsman Class is for a new offshore racer and has a discounted race fee of 100.00 for the Sportsman Class - it is for an offshore racer's first offshore race only (not the season). There is no TCO award for the Sportsman Class.

    About The Triple Crown of Offshore:

    Much more information coming - looking forward to a great offshore racing season!

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    Hey.. you guys are very familiar with Offshore Endurance Races.... would like to know this.

    1. Is there any offshore races that has compulsory stops.. even if no refuelling is require ?
    2. Is there any Endurance races that has same as 1 above ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KawaHead View Post
    Hey.. you guys are very familiar with Offshore Endurance Races.... would like to know this.

    1. Is there any offshore races that has compulsory stops.. even if no refuelling is require ?
    2. Is there any Endurance races that has same as 1 above ?
    World offshore championship
    Mark Hahn 300

    I'm sure there are more in the world but these would be the biggest events

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