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    Removed resonator sound?

    Does anybody have a video of there boat in motion? Or a sound clip? I'm really interested in what it sounds like. I would remove the resonator on our boat but my parents own it and they wouldn't be too happy.

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    just take it off and try it once you get the pipe it takes less than 10mins to change it so if you dont like it you can put it back on

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    It is very easy to change, you just need to replace the resonator with a pipe, I believe I reused the factory clamps. The sound difference is huge at lower rpm's. I like it, but again it is very loud. All of my vehicles are loud, so I'm a bad person to ask.

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    Any recommendations on metal type and size.. which works best?

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    3" piping, I used stainless steel, aluminum would probably be fine also as long as its thick enough.

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