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    Impeller Questions

    Hello. I have a 95 SLT 750 that i am looking to put a used prop and ring on from a 94 SL 650. Will it work ok? Will the 650 prop have the correct or sufficient pitch for the 750? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The 650 impeller will have less pitch than a 750 impeller. If your engine is running well power-wise, it may over-rev the 650 impeller and invoke the engine RM limiter in the CDI.

    You do have options regarding your 750 impeller. There are a couple of places that can refurbish a damaged or worn impeller. SBT charges $25 plus shipping, and seems to do a good job. Impros can also do this work.

    There should be lots of 750 impellers available on the used market, both around here on the Greenhulk Classifieds and on eBay.

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    First, I'd like to welcome you to the Hulk.

    The SLT 750 used the 035 4 blade impeller, same as the SLT 700.

    The 650 used the 056 4 blade impeller

    And the SL 750 used the 079 4 blade impeller.

    So it wouldn't be an exact swap without some sort of change. May rev too high with the 650 impeller as noted above, or it may require carb adjustments that can cause engine damage if left unattended.

    Best bet would be to find an impeller for the 750.

    Also, make sure the impeller clearance is checked if you're looking for a used impeller. Too big of a gap will yield poor performance.

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    here ya go
    these props are VERY useable just not perfect

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    your 750 will over power the 650 prop. it will cavatate / spin.

    i have the correct OE SLT750 4 blade prop here, fresh water, nice shape 75.00 + s&h
    i also have good pump mount / wear rings for 50.00 + s&h

    please email, or call the shop if i can help at all. thank you

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