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Thread: seadoo ramps

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    seadoo ramps

    About 10 years ago i had bought (can remember where) some ramps or portable folding docks for my watercraft to park on when on shore. ther were about 30" across when folded apart by 30" deep make out of aluminum with fold out legs. they had a carpeted part for the ski to pull up on. I cant find these anywere! does any one know were i can find these or something like those? Also i had a spike that was to tie off to that was heavy duty with a slide hammer this a horizontal handle on top to really pound it in, not like the cheep looking beack spike. any help locating this stuff would be great!

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    ok, so no one has the foggiest. what do you guys park your skis on when you pull them up on the shore? we dont have sandy beaches. anyone??

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    Anchor and anchor ball for me..... I will tie it just off shore and walk on. Or I just put it back on the trailer.

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    like this? i know this one is for a stand up but i've seen one's for sit-downs

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatnutt View Post
    ... so no one has the foggiest...?
    Are you talking about beach stands, often used for stand-up machines?

    There is one for sale here.

    I think some brands also made larger stands for in-water support of run-about PWC. Sometimes see them at races.

    Aquacart sells this aluminum stand;

    Regarding the anchor spike, is this Slide Anchor Shore Spike what you are looking for?

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