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    4-Tec Engine Stand?? Anyone??

    Has anyone came up with a good engine stand for the 4-tecs? Either a purchased one or a home built? I have an idea for one usine an automotive engine stand and an custom bracket, but thought I'd post before makting one.

    Post pics of what you got!

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    I've got the cheapie Harbor Freight one, like $49. Works fine, don't need a special bracket, just offset three of the arms and a bunch of washers and long 10MM bolts on the side and you are good to go.

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    i just used the harbor freight one as well and shortened one of the studs that is off one of the arms, used all the bolts that came with it no problem.

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    harbor freight one worked great for me as well

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    If your not doing any machine work to the short block then I would not worry about a stand if its just for assembly unless you work on alot of motors.


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    I use this folding stand. Taking those engines apart on the bench sucks big time.


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    a standard automotive stand will bolt right up

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    Do you use the three holes on exhaust side or the intake side? Do you spacer past the starter or remove it? I have a harbor frieght stand referred to in this thread.

    2006 RXP

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