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Thread: Mods for Summer

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    Mods for Summer

    Hey whats going on everyone I have a 96xp with r&d fa, fuel lines done, renthal bars and everything else pretty much stock. I put the fa on late summer and never got around to rejetting because i planned on getting a rossier near xmas and didnt want to rejet again. the lows are stock and the highs are 1 turn out, plugs looked fine. Im looking for some more top end hopefully enough to break 60mph. What would you suggest?

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    things you could do

    -msd ignition
    -water injection
    -lots you can do

    IMO rejet your carbs before you burn up a piston

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    cool thanks.. what jets you recommend? I knew i had to rejet i just never got around to it. prob rode the ski unjetted with the fa for a couple weeks or so, did a couple plug chops to make sure I wasnt going to burn up a piston out of nowhere and they looked ok. I dont have all the money in the world so will definitely be going with used parts, most likely ebay.

    out of the parts you listed what would give me the cheapest/best improvement?

    the rossier will probably be at the limit of my budget.. as in I definitely wont be able to afford novi's or buckshots

    I will 100% be doing everything myself. So porting is kind of out of reach.. unless its a lot easier to do then im thinking

    I was thinking solas xo but ive read a few things saying stock prob is the best for top end, an xo wont make too much of a difference.. this true?

    nozzles i will most likely be able to afford. planning to go with rd 85/88

    head i would have to run race gas to see any improvement right?

    sorry for all the questions this is my second year with jetskis im still learning by the day so bare with me

    thanks for any help in advance guys

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    cheapest? prop, nozzle and head. running race gas depends on what your squish is after the head is installed and what base gasket you are running. those are the best bang for the buck...adding a pipe and carbs you are going to be wrenching more then riding from my experience. a rossier pipe is a bit more mild than a FPP spec II. a FPP will eat pistons if you are not spot on with jetting. dont bother with buckshot modded mikunis they need adjusted with the change in humidity ect. if your getting carbs find some novi's.

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    cool thanks a lot huge help

    the first thing im going to do is nozzles. Ill look around and find the best price for r&d 85/88's

    couple questions.. would someone wanna give me a hot synopsis on squish? (how to check and what not) its something with solder right? the clearance between top of piston and head?

    head will give me rpms right? ive always ran 93 and plan on keeping it that way. I can actually get some gains with the right gasket and head on pump gas?

    and again about the prop.. correct me if im wrong but my best option IF i do go with a different prob would be an xo right? again im just looking for some top speed

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    you are correct on squish. measure it from either side of the wrist pin, turn the motor over by hand and squish the solder. measure with a micrometer. it is the gap between the piston and head. I cant remember what the cut off is but I had .044 clearance on a buckshot head and 6 hole base gasket and I needed race gas. for a normal stock motor you dont even need 93 octane. it actually doesnt get you any gains. on of the old guru's here I think said that it was bad for the 2 strokes if they are stock. a head will give you a few more R's but it will help with throttle response...alot. as for the prop I would go with an xo. its the best all around prop. little more hole shot and a little more top end. either side of that and your losing one or the other. its what I run and im running about 59.5GPS 60+ mph down river with the current

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    can you use stock headgasket with an aftermarket head? and is there a predetermined squish for a certain size head? as in if i slap say a 43cc domes/head on with stock headgasket would i need race gas? or anyway around it im still going to have to check squish with an a/m head

    basically i wont have access to race gas at all, so is a head still a good option for this setup?

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    head gasket is different than a base gasket. the base gasket is under the cylinder cases. if you look down between the jugs there is a atb that is sticking out( I think that its on the carb side but I could be wrong) there are holes punched in the tab stockers have 6 holes grouped in twos. your going to have to check the sqush either way. on these heads stock or not there is no real gasket. its a ruber tubualar insert. when you pull the head you will see what I am talking about

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    can you use an aftermarket head with the stock basegasket?

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    I have an XO prop, nozzles, F/A, and a shaved head with 170 psi. My ski does 59-60 on a gps all day long.

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