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    Polaris Digital Wrench and laptop

    I have a legitamite copy of Digital Wrench software and the laptop it is loaded on and licensed too. The laptop is a compaq 1 year old like new used very little! I had this software for my company and have dissolved my company and I am just selling off stuff I know people might need! The software version is 3.3 it is only for watercraft it is made for all other Polaris products with the purchase of some additional cables. Polaris dealers will order you cables you just cannot buy the software. We got the software from a dealership that was great friends of ours and luckily was able to purchase. Please e-mail me if you are interested!

    Asking $1500 includes software, manuals, and computer for polaris jet ski's only with the cables provided. Cables for other Polaris products are available from a polaris dealer.

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    What cables are included?

    SPX part numbers?

    What model of Compaq laptop?
    Windows version?

    Any other software on the laptop, beyond Digital Wrench?

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